Condition for Entry

  • The entry must hold the copyrights to the contestant.

  • The contestants must accept that participation in the contest constitutes agreement to allow their entries to be used by DMC and UNDP on RIO +20 for non-commercial promotional purposes (in publications, calendar, screensaver, websites, exhibitions, etc). Due credit will, of course, be given to the copyright-holder each time his/her entry is used.

  • Each entry must comprise of 4 photos with caption each and a 100-200 words synopsis reflecting the meaning of the whole story.

  • The contestants must NOT submit entry, which has already been used elsewhere in whatever form.

  • The contestants must NOT submit digitally manipulated or animated entry (e.g. composite image).

  • The competition is open to Cambodians aged between 16 and 30 years old.


5 responses to “Condition for Entry

  1. Regarding the orientation workshop, I think I will not be able to join. But I am really interested in this contest. What should I do then?

    • We will release the application for the contestant after the orientation workshop. You should keep up with our site to register. For more information about the contest, you should read in our site. If you have any question, please contact the email written down there or call.

      Thank you.

  2. Is that Ok to use mobile camera in order to join photo-contest? And after taking four photo with caption and brief description of the photo, shall i submit at DMC?

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