009 – Look at me

First of all, I want to say about what my story is. My photo story entitled “Look at me”. This photo story is shown about the daily life of OKrasa residents who live based on fishery.  Their lives are relied on the weather, sea water level and Koang Kang forest. If the weather, sea water level and Koang Kang forest change, their lives also change. I also want to pick up other angle where most of people do not often mention about. Some just focus on fishing along Mekong River and what going on with people along river but they nearly totally forget lives of people living along the sea. What have been going with young boys or girls are living at Okrasa; what they are living for; just for fishing or nothing. I strong hope my photo story “Look at me” will urge you to understand what people living along the sea. I hope you can find a good solution for them or for us. My photo story also can share a small angle of life to you.

This Koang Kang forest located in Kep province. This forest is sheltered for sea fish. Right now, Koang Kang forest has been observed by one community in Kep called Chhne Ksach community.

Sothy, one of fishermen living at Okrosa village of Kep province, is preparing his boat and net before going to catching fish in the sea. Okrosa village is the biggest fishing village in Kep province.

Buntheuon, Phon, Nen, Mali, and Men are releasing fish and crabs after catching in the sea for over night. There are two groups of fishing; group one is going to catch from 2pm till 8am and group two is go to catch from 3am till 3pm.

The orphaned, Phon, 15-year-old, is living with Buntheuon in order to help catching fish in the sea. Phon always cleans up nets after coming back from the sea.


15 responses to “009 – Look at me

  1. You have done a great job. I think you don’t have to tell your readers or your viewers that you wanted to pick up another angle. They might not want to know about that. You should just tell them why you work on your topic. I think it is more direct.

  2. I don’t know if what I am telling you is correct. I think, you should also think about the method of making a photo story for online. From my view and according to what I know, we should show pictures of people at work, portrait, and overview of the location to let the viewers or readers know where exactly the place or how the place looks like. Anyway, I really appreciate your work. Well done.

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  4. This is a good story, because I have never heard about this at all. I hope this story can urge Local or International Organizations to think about this. Thanks for sharing your thought…

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