007 – N/A

As can be seen from the above four pictures, waste water is being discharged to an open space by a large percentage of households and small industries in Phnom Penh without any proper treatment. This causes many types of pollution to poor people, for example smell pollution to those living along the open sewage and at the downstream. Also, poor children are playing near that waste water every day. They are likely to have chances infected by the viruses attached to their hands. Moreover, with the disappearance of Boeung Kok, this lake can hardly serve as the natural treatment plant before discharge the waste water into the river and serve as flood mitigation for Phnom Penh city. Unfortunately, this lake is being filled with sand that is likely to cover the whole lake like the previous one due to the development of city without the thought of environment. It is the fact that the country development is unstoppable, but we should either leave the lake to discharge waste water or build a proper treatment plant which can reduce many contagious diseases to poor people and maintain the cost of potable water in the future.

1. The open sewage parallel to Monivong Boulevard serves as the main canal transporting discharges of waste water from a large number of households and small industries in Phnom Penh to Boeng Trabek.

2. Solid wastes which are being thrown into the open sewage affect mostly those who are living at the downstream. The waste water together with the solid wastes, which are gathered at the downstream, cause a lot of infections to many poor people, especially young children who are living above those wastes.

3. Without any treatment plant besides natural treatment, the waste water is pumped directly by the Boeng Trabek Pumping Station into a large open space. As this waste water is not well treated, it contains many bacteria and viruses which will be discharged into river.

4. This large open space which serves as the reservoir stocking the waste water discharged by a large percentage of people in Phnom Penh is being filled with sand on the left. Besides Boeung Kok which is filled completely with sand, this lake is the only reservoir that plays a role in flood mitigation for Phnom Penh city.



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