005 – Rice Production in Cambodia

This is a story about the rice production in Cambodia, since it is the main product which hopes to uplift the economic situation of the poor farmer. Our soil is very adapted to growing rice so i believe that maximizing our potential to be a huge exporter of rice is not only a dream but will be a reality in the future..not only exporting to our neighboring countries but the region and the world as well. But it needs thorough research and study to adapt to the changing economic situation, demands, weather and climate of the region. By doing so, it will create job opportunites and attract local investors in cultivating our own soils through modern technonlogy and machinery.

I choose this story, hoping it will open the eyes of local and foreign investors to focus on rice production, not just start any other agricultural endeavors that are supposed to improve the lives of the people but it is proven to be effective only from the beginning and no sustainability because of unforecasted variables that destroys the production process may it be natural or artificial causes.

Upon viewing this photo story, they will see the relevance of collective rice production and the role of women in the society which are often missed out and taken for granted because of the wrong notion of being weak and “stay in the house” belief. I hope that they will look very closely and see the deeper message these photos bring.

The woman is spreading grains of pulp rice to grow seedlings for replanting. This is very crucial because it sometimes determine the condition of the grown up rice stalks. Selecting the best grains for sowing is ideal.

Planting the seedlings is probably the most tiresome activity on the process of rice production. You are bent from morning till afternoon. Anxiety sets in because of the feeling of uncertainty of the fate of the rice you planted considering the changing weather and climate patterns.

The most anticipated and rewarding part of rice production. Good harvest means money and provisions for many months.

In volume, it can supply a village or the entire country and even export some 1000 sacks or so. It uplifts the economic status of a family, a village and a country. At times, it sets the trend in the increase and rolling back of prices in basic commodities.


136 responses to “005 – Rice Production in Cambodia

  1. I hope people will value even the single grain of rice that they have. I SALUTE ALL THE HARD WORKING FARMERS!

  2. rice…not just for the Cambodian farmer’s meal, but also for his children’s tuition fees, for their books, for their clothes….is it possible? maybe, yes, if the growth in production is sustained,

  3. This photo is very nice and meaningful. It doesn’t matter who we are, where we live, we really this rice to eat. Hence, I do love this photo very much!

  4. great photo story. i hope the caption will be recognized and the government will start to invest more on rice than ever before. so it will help our poor people. create more jobs and alliviate poverty.

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