003 – Climate Change is still a crucial issue for global environment.

Cambodia is one of the countries affected by the climate change. According to Cambodia Disaster Management Committee, in 2011 Cambodia got serious flood damaged a lot of crop of Cambodian farmer. This year, Cambodia farmers are instead facing drought. Many rice plants were destroyed due to no rain fall in the raining season. I want to portrait this issue to show through my photo story to public especially the Cambodia government to take action on the issue and to illustrate the difficulties of Cambodian farmers who plant rice dependent on nature.

Rice plants in an approximately 800 square meter field of Ung Yeurng, 73, a female farmer in Sangkat Ponsang, Khan Porsanchey, Phnom Penh, died of drought since two week ago in August. She is pulling out the dying rice plants for her regret and worrying about her living because she is likely not to plant rice anymore on her rice fields due to no rain fall.

Drought makes Ung Yeurng decide to beg for some money from the passengers who are passing by her rice fields in order to support her family daily life. She does that since 9am till 4 or 5 pm and sometimes she can get some money from passengers about 3000 Riel to 5000 Riel per day.

Ung Yeurng doesn’t want to beg for money from the passengers at all, but being a widow living with four grandchildren who are all orphan, she has to do that to get some money for food and rice because drought this year destroyed her rice plants completely. She has noted that the weather is getting change and hotter from year to year.

Ung Yeurng has three rice fields which all rice plants were destroyed by drought. She completely relies on natural farming to make a living, but if it has no rain fall even in the raining season she finds it really difficult to live in her community since she doesn’t know to do other jobs besides farming.


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