002 – Land Use as the Yam Field in Pursat Province

Since, so far, there are many investors come to Cambodia for starting their business, we have seen many land in rural area were provided by the government to the businessmen as the land concession. Many lands were used as the crop field which produced farm products for Cambodian economic improvement. As the same time, these actions have provided Cambodian people the job as workers in the field.

These photos are about the activities of people in the yam field, located in Kat Kang village, Trobak Brosat commune, Kro Kor district, Pursat province. This place is almost a life of residents here, providing hundreds of people in the region employments. People can earn around 10,000 riel (2.5$US) per day. By amount of money they receive, they have to return back the efforts of working the whole everyday in rain and hot time.

The workers are checking soil in yam field to make sure that the soil is covered the bottoms of yams. When it is raining, the soil is running away with water and the workers have to dig the soil to cover the bottom of yam.

Tractor is a tool which workers in this region use to assist in working in the yam field. Tractor is used to plough the land as the role for cropping yam. Hundreds hectares of land are ploughed by tractor.

Most of workers in the yam field are from the far place. They often move to visit their homeland during holiday, and come back in the evening of a day before the working day starts.

Workers are moving back to their home in the evening during raining. The situation is being their simple case which they normally fact during their returning home in this rainy reason.




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