How sustainable development can be told through photograph?

Photo-Story Contest on Sustainable Development is a photo competition in Cambodia organized by the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) with support by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The competition aims at marking the initiative of youth to youth on ustainable development and being a side-event as a road from Cambodia to the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20, Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil).

Youth is a potential resource for the development of a country and to change the world. Counted in the development, sustainable development is among the top issues on the list to concern over the globe. “Investments in young people will pay great dividends in a better future for all,” said Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of United Nations. That would bring to thought that any of the development projects should have voice and resource of youth. Therefore, the project “Youth to Youth Initiative on Sustainable Development” would bring the concept into practices.

The project aims at bringing youth to participate in and share with their friends and relatives, communities and stakeholders in the framework of “Sustainable Development.”

The project will be comprised of photo story competition participated by young Cambodians and the outreach program to make sure their pieces reach the public, their friends, families and other stakeholders.


  • Raise awareness about Rio+20 key thematic areas and messages (particularly on sustainable forest and Land use, Finance and Investment, and inclusive green growth and social equity) to youth.
  • Encourage and engage youth in creating their own social contents reflecting their understanding and concerns of the identified thematic areas and messages
  • Provide platform for learning and sharing understanding among youth on sustainable development.


Cambodian youth will understand, initiate, and share their social contents within the theme of ‘Sustainable Development’.


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